Used as a treatment for adults and adolescents of the following problems:
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Emotional dysfunction
  • Relationship Difficulties
  • "Problems in the body caused by mental problems"
  • Sexual dysfunction
.... and many other ways to call the discomfort with oneself and what one gets in life, which leads us to not enjoy it.

Individual psychotherapy is a therapeutic process that helps to understand the relationship between history and personal conflicts and difficulties of life. The person, through the relationship with the therapist, is aimed at raising awareness of where and how blocks or hinder his life (including energy flow in the body).To understand and analyze the role and the origin of structured physical and psychological tensions is got from emotional expression, spontaneous movement and speech.

During the process of therapy both the therapist and the person progresses in the understanding of the inner struggle that remains between the defenses that the person has needed to build and the desire to overcome the limitations in the emotional life and love due to these defenses, which are the source of symptoms and diseases.

The bioenergetic psychotherapist suggests the patient exercises and physical expressions that help to experience the physical and behavioral patterns. This will easily recover feelings that have been repressed in childhood and have been kept forgetted into adulthood.

As the patient progresses in psychotherapy old and ineffective patterns which block the connection to the joy, spontaneity and joy slowly dissolve.

The combination of body work and the exploration and analysis of verbal and emotional conflicts and their relationship with individual's personal history helps to gradually relax the defensive structure of the person. So the person recovers and allows greater freedom of expression being at the physical , emotional and mental level. Through the relaxation of work with the body, and the experience of a secure, healthy and supportive therapist, a person establishes a new way to interact with itself and others that are more satisfactory.


Psychological counseling is a relationship between the clinical psychologist and the client who makes an application to a situation in which the client has difficulties to solve alone. It is not about giving advice, but to help the client to clarify goals, objectives and elements of reality and able to own them, it is a work to get focus, to grow and to make own decisions. An expert in psychological counseling with a person works at the individual level and also at the family and especially with your partner, helping to clarify the origin of the conflict and its implications at the levels of relationship, communication or conflict mental and emotional one, or both, diagnosing and recommending where appropriate the necessary individual psychotherapy, or working together.

Provides therapeutic space that is tolerant, opened and flexible, in order to be able to reflect, discuss, resolve and change the status of the problem or problems that hinder relationships, create stress, anxiety, irritability or depression. Advice helps persons that have suffered very traumatic situations and risks of separation and divorce, accident or unexpected deaths of loved ones, serious addictions, etc.., Advice makes that these situations and the associated emotions and conflicts be integrated, as well as motivates to stablish new goals and to develop new skills.


Bioenergetic exercises are bodily exercises, breathing and posture. They help us to contact our own energy, to recognize areas of tension, to increase the registration of sensations, to contact our emotions and to facilitate their expression. It also increases our energy, breath and extend the state of the vibrating body.

Regular practice of these exercises has some therapeutic capacity of itself, in the sense that increase the energy flow and provide a fuller and more aware life. For example, in mild depressive states increased energy can help launch a devitalized body.

Therefore, in addition to use in therapy, these exercises can be conducted to lead a healthy life in a very broad sense.

On the page of information about the periods and places where you can take part in group exercises.


The principles and methods of the BA may also apply to the practice of group therapy. These groups have the advantage of interaction with others facilitates the observation of responses that each person has to different stimuli and that the group offers additional sources of support and confirmation of the person, enabling the implementation of new forms of relationship.

Within the group, however, is more difficult to open at the most painful emotional experience and the deeper problems, so it is normal that people who participate in a therapy group to continue, or have followed a process individual therapy.